Jumbo Nail Thru-Your-Head Headwear

Spoonman Jumbo Nail Thru-Your-Head Headwear
Not just for roofers!

Item: 304N

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Work make you feel like you have a nail in your head?
Made from a gutter spike...watch out!

**All Spoonman products are lovingly handcrafted.
Creations will be similar, but not necessarily exact copies of items pictured.

And...because we make everything we sell, all of our creations are subject to availability.
At Spoonman, we like to have fun and we want our customers to have fun too!

All of our creations are made from real stuff (tools or utensils), so we grind and buff sharp surfaces to make our products as safe as we can.
Please use parental judgement when choosing items -- some Headwear and Eyewear may not be appropriate for small children.
  • Item Number: 304N