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About Us

What is your favorite wind chime...

Back in 1971 there were lots of underfed teens and young adults gathering on street corners selling handcrafts. You might have seen Mike on one of them. He had seen a spoon ring at an antique store and figured he could make it even better by smoothing the rough edges. Soon, some of his friends were calling him "Spoonman".

When the Portland Saturday Market opened in 1974, Mike was there; picking a space the first day. Over the years the Market has grown and changed into The Portland Saturday (Sunday too) Market, and Spoonman's creations have multiplied into more than 360 items crafted mostly from flatware. Deb joined Mike in '83, and we put the kids to work all through high school. They grew up and moved away, so we were happy to find Eric who has been working with us since 1990. We still make the basic ring, and still consider the Portland Saturday (Sunday too) Market our "main store", although we do attend a few large craft fairs in Washington and Idaho.

After several years of people calling and wanting us to ship our creations to them, we finally decided to enter the mail order business. We have shipped to every state in the USA and many other countries. Thank goodness for the internet — it is so much easier than printing and mailing a paper catalog.

There are around 70 people who buy our creations to sell in their store or the craft fairs they attend, so you might have seen our creations closer to your home. We only have one price, so their prices will reflect their overhead and the shipping you won't have to pay.

We want everyone to enjoy our creations as much as we do, so here's our guarantee: If it breaks, doesn't fit, or isn't what you wanted, return it to us and tell us what the problem is. We'll fix or exchange anything to make you happy.

So grab a cup of coffee or a diet cola and prepare to spend hours pushing buttons and flipping pages to see how busy we've been. We hope you have fun.

The "team" at Spoonman Creations,
Mike, Deb, & Eric